Get Fit, Get Energized!

Running around after your kids this summer, you’re going to feel like you need to hit the gym again just to keep up with them! That’s actually not a bad idea! According to Fitmark Ambassador Nelly Pereira, a mother of two, moms need to step outside of themselves and take time to exercise. She told us:

Never forget that you aren’t just a mom. You deserve to take care of yourself too and by doing so, you’ll have a lot more energy to play with your active kids!

Get Fit Get Energized! Fitmark Ambassador: Nelly Pereira
Lifestyle: Fit Mom, Certified Personal Trainer, Competitive Athlete
Fitmark Meal Bag: the Shield

Eating healthy and exercising regularly are the two keystones of any ‘get fit’ plan, and summertime is the best time to get started. You’re already more active and spending more time outside with your kids, so seize the moment and keep the momentum going!

Get Strong, Lift Weights!

Nelly began weightlifting shortly after her first child, and found it gave her the edge she needed to stay motivated and committed to keep going. Eating healthy and exercising regularly grew into a passion and now she’s a certified personal trainer, helping others achieve their own fitness goals. One of her health secrets is avoiding processed foods and eating as many whole foods as she can. She told us:

My diet has always been super simple. If it doesn’t come from the earth or the sea, I don’t eat it. Basically, I avoid processed food as much as I can.

Don’t Diet, Track Your Food!

Following a flexible eating plan, Nelly tracks her food and counts how many macronutrients she’s getting in a day. With the help of a fitness tracker, it’s easy. If she wants to lose weight, she simply adjusts her macronutrients and how many carbs, fats, and proteins she eating in a day. She told us:

When I want to shed a few extra pounds, I calculate my macros based on the goal I want to achieve.

It’s the same theory for any fitness goal. Your exercise and activity level will affect how many macronutrients you’ll need to fuel your body every day. As long as your food choices are healthy and you’re sticking to your daily calorie allowance, you can’t lose.

Meal Prep Is The Trick

Nelly also relies on meal prep to make sure she’s getting the macronutrients she needs to meet her fitness goals. She gave us one tip for staying committed to your meal prep:

If I could give you a tip for meal prepping, it would be to pick a day of the week where you are the least busy and stick to it. I like to cook on Sundays because I can get help from my kids!

Nelly has one other secret and that’s the Shield, her Fitmark meal bag: The Shield Meal Management Pink

My Fitmark bag has been my ride or die! I carry it with me to work every day, and whenever there’s a family dinner or cookout. It helps me stay focused by being able to bring all my food with me.

As a busy mom, time is precious. You have a bunch of time slots during the day where you need to get things done, so you need to make it count. This is especially true for your workouts. So you’ll be glad to know that there is a way to be more efficient with your training. Nelly advises:

You don’t need to train for too long. Instead, you want to train more intensively for a shorter period of time. After an hour, your energy starts to drop, and that’s the time to cool down.

Nelly says it’s also important to warm up before you work out to “avoid injuries and better prepare your body.” She also recommends “eating a little something before and after training. A protein and a carb is ideal.” Above all, she wants moms to know that to reach your goals and get fit and energized, you need to plan ahead. She says:

Always plan ahead! I like to carry my Fitmark Bag to the gym when I know I won’t be going home after my training. Always plan ahead!

You can follow Fitmark Ambassador Nelly Pereira on Instagram @nellyfitmom

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