Eat Your Way To Fit

There’s a common belief that high cardio and low carbs are your answer to getting physically fit. But as Fitmark Ambassador Katie Miller knows only too well, overtraining and starving yourself is a recipe for disaster.

Nutritional deficiencies, dizziness, digestive problems, irritability, and depression are some of the MANY side effects associated with slashing too many calories from your diet.

Eat Your Way To Fit

Fitmark Ambassador: Katie Miller
Lifestyle: Fitness Athlete, NASM Specialist, ACSM Personal Trainer
Fitmark Meal Bags: Transporter Tote, the Shield

Before Katie became a personal trainer, she thought, like a lot of people, that being thin was the answer to being happy and beautiful. So she starved herself and became dangerously underweight. It wasn’t until she started believing in herself and developed confidence that she found true happiness. Now with a degree in Exercise Science under her belt, and ACSM certification in personal training, and NASM specialist certification in corrective exercise, she’s helping others get in shape the healthy way. She told us:

I like that I have the ability to help change someone’s life for the better. Teaching my clients healthy habits and watching them grow not only physically, but mentally and spiritually is a feeling that is indescribable.

Too Much Cardio Will Ruin Your Fitness Goals

Too much cardio and too few calories is a dangerous combination and can lead you into real trouble. When you’re overtraining and not nourishing your body by giving it what it needs to recover and repair, you won’t reach the goals you desire. Worse than that, you could harm yourself. Katie explains:

Too much cardio can break down your hard-earned muscle tissue. Muscle is what helps us burn more fat at rest. With that being said, the loss of muscle can slow down your metabolism which will make weight loss more stubborn. Also, overtraining comes to mind. Your body truly needs to recover in order to function properly.

Prep Your Meals and Stay On Track

One tip that Katie recommends for eating healthy and treating food as fuel for your fitness gains is meal prep. Planning your meals for the week and preparing your food ahead of time is the guaranteed way to stay on track. She told us:

Meal prep is important simply because it allows you to always be prepared. We are all human, we all get busy at times. Our busy lifestyles make it tougher on us to stick to our plan. When you meal prep not only do you have all your food prepared for the next few days but you have everything portion controlled. Portion control is key for success. No room for error, or extra bites here and there if it’s all prepared and weighed out beforehand.

Sport Duffel

Katie relies on her Fitmark meal prep bags to keep her organized and on track wherever she goes. She told us:

Oh my gosh, my bag has helped me drastically. I use two bags per day. I use the Transporter Tote to carry my laptop/ personal trainer items in. Then the Shield literally goes with me everywhere, so I have meals with me at all times. They are very durable bags and I’ve put them through a lot. Yet they still look brand new. I love all the compartments and the bright colors.

Katie Miller’s Top 3 Fitness Tips

  1. Do not compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 7.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people, because you are the average sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.
  3. Fall in love with the journey, and the results will follow.

Fitness Is A Journey – Enjoy The Process

Getting fit and losing weight is an individual process and takes time. But if you set yourself out on the right path from the get-go your chances of sticking to it and actually succeeding multiply. Katie offers this advice:

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself to grow into your own (good) habits over time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Every week strive to improve one small aspect about your exercise or nutrition, and in just a few weeks you will be surprised at where you are!

You can follow Fitmark Ambassador Katie Miller on Instagram @ktmillerfit

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