Some Athletes Run On Beans

As more and more plant-based athletes are emerging like fresh, green shoots from the earth, fitness enthusiasts are beginning to wake up to the fact that chicken isn’t the only protein good for building muscles.

For plant-based fitness enthusiast and Fitmark Ambassador Laura Arreola, she wouldn’t have it any other way. She told us:

I follow a 95% plant-based, whole foods diet with the occasional splurge or treat here and there. I believe nourishing my body with whole foods is what has allowed me to train hard, recover quickly and feel my absolute best!

Plant-Based Athletes Run On Beans

Fitmark Ambassador: Laura Arreola
Lifestyle: Runner, Cyclist, Weight Lifter, Plant-Based Fitness Enthusiast
Fitmark Meal Bag: Transporter Tote

Laura grew up in a household that was 95% vegetarian and adopted a healthy attitude towards eating and exercising from a very young age. She says:

I learned to appreciate whole foods, and certain foods that many people don’t have much contact or experience with like tofu, seitan, and tempeh.

Fueled by vegetable matter and plant-based protein, Laura attributes her healthy diet for her athletic performance and ability to recover rapidly. Being vegetarian hasn’t slowed her down or got in the way of following an active lifestyle. She told us:

I have always been active and a runner & cyclist for as long as I can remember. I think I was 10 when I took up jogging for the first time. It wasn’t until about three or four years ago that I discovered weightlifting and it just rounded out the last piece I didn’t know was missing.

Growing up in a healthy household and following an active lifestyle, Laura understands how important it is to take care of your body. It’s no accident that she works at a Research Center in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, Oregon State University that focuses on healthy children and families. She told us:

My diet has always been important to me and I choose plant-based, whole foods anytime I can. I know this is the only body I’ll have and I want to nourish it and treat it well!

For meal preppers she has a few tips to help you get organized and on point with your diet and nutrition.

Top Meal Prep Tips

  1. Make staples for yourself that allow you to quickly throw together a variety of meals so you never get bored!
  2. Prepare foods like brown and white rice, quinoa, sauteed, roasted, and steamed veggies, baked tofu and tempeh, etc.
  3. ALWAYS keep a bunch of greens on hand. I love romaine lettuce & kale!
  4. For flavor, use healthy sauces and dressings you love.
  5. Then you’re all ready to throw together anything from rice bowls to salads to sandwiches in no time. You’ll get all the variety with little thought, since everything is in the fridge ready to go!


Laura uses her Fitmark meal bag to keep her on track with her diet when she’s out and about. She told us:

My Fitmark meal management bags are perfect for keeping my cold foods chilled and safe to eat, even hours after they’ve been taken out of the refrigerator! I also use the Transporter Tote (with and without the meal prep Box SM) as a gym & yoga bag because, it perfectly fits all my clothes and shoes AND it even holds my yoga mat when I zip it into the main compartment. Having only one bag for everything is SO nice!

Laura knows that staying healthy requires a 24/7 commitment, which is why she sticks to her meal prep and has her Fitmark bags packed and ready to go every day. Here are some other tips for living healthy:

Top 3 Health Tips

  1. Choose whole foods whenever possible!
  2. Eat vegetables with every main meal, especially greens!
  3. Drink a big glass (16+oz) of water each morning when you wake up before doing or eating anything. Squeeze in some lemon or add some apple cider vinegar for an extra health kick!

You can follow Fitmark Ambassador Laura Arreola on Instagram @fitlauraxo

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