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Making healthy food choices at home is simple, but what happens when you’re not in your kitchen? So many people share the same struggles with having whole nutrition in the work place or on the go, but luckily, we’re here to share some quick and easy ideas to keep you on track.

You may be in an office, a factory, a warehouse, a hospital, a fire department or even on the road when clocking those hours.  It really doesn’t matter as long as you know your body and your health standards. Next time you go grocery shopping or even hit up a convenient store, think about the quick things you can grab to curb those little bouts of hunger throughout your day.

Think about on the go protein, like nuts, seeds and if your diet allows, jerky. Nearly all markets and shops carry pre-packaged nut, granola and seed packs and a variety of meat jerkies. Whether it’s a small bag of almonds or a ready-made trail mix, grab a few options and keep them handy at your desk, in your locker or tucked in the glovebox. If you want something a bit more substantial, consider sliced, lean turkey and non-fat mozzarella cheese sticks.  Roll it up, and you have an instant protein burrito!  If you’re not ready to eat at the moment, use your work fridge or a Fitmark meal bag with cool packs.

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For some easy carbs, keep a whole-wheat, high fiber loaf of bread handy.  A jar of almond butter can be kept anywhere, and you have an instant nut butter sandwich! Or add some of that sliced turkey from above for a meaty meal on the go.

Your best friend for curbing work hunger and keeping you on your toes is the famous energy bar! With an endless variety of brands, flavors, dietary options, protein, carb and sugar levels, there is truly a bar for everyone.  Grab a handful of your favorites and be sure you always have one nearby.  Especially in those late afternoon meetings that seem to drag on well into your next meal time.

To avoid the surplus of packaged food going into your system, don’t forget to keep a ready supply of fresh, organic foods to grab on the go. There are so many that do not need refrigeration like fresh fruits and a large number of vegetables. Apples, pears, peaches, plums, tangerines or for the avid snacker a pomegranate all make great desk companions. Little pre-cut and washed bags of carrot and celery sticks are a great crunch in the late mornings.

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Finally, if you’re not a meal prepper, you can still save yourself some time by considering leftovers for the office. Think of things that will fill you, sustain you and be functional on the go. A quinoa tabbouleh or Thai pasta salad will be easy options to throw in a dish and take to work. A salad with dressing on the side can often be kept room temperature for several hours before wilting, and for the true leftover junky, most dishes are better the next day anyway.

There is a reason “hangry” has become a known term. We all get a little irritable when we haven’t eaten, and that moodiness can be amplified if you’re working. The goal is to give your body the food it needs to function at its best. So avoid those work day food pit-falls with a quick walk-through at your local supermarket and a little planning ahead.

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