Holiday Fitness and Family

The holidays are here and an internal groan is being collectively shared as we all follow the yearly struggle of celebratory weight gain followed by half-hearted resolutions. Well not this year!

It’s time to break the weight cycle, say no to the winter vacation pounds and embrace our resolve to stay in shape no matter how many casserole dishes are lined up down the table!

We can all bounce back from one heavy meal, but when you’re spending a week with family and a delicious spread is laid out three times a day, bouncing back gets a whole lot harder. Here’s some quick and easy steps to enjoy every bite without losing a year’s worth of workouts.

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Don't Stop Exercising!

This seems simple enough, but yet, we can get caught up in our routines and forget there are amazing fitness plans that don’t require a gym. Get up before you’re needed by anyone and go for a brisk walk or run. Every time you have a private moment do a few squats, push-ups, leg raises, lunges, knee raises, crunches … the list goes on. Some light morning yoga while everyone else is still lying in bed, is a great way to greet the day. Any extra exercise you get not only keeps you on track with your body, it releases those happy endorphins to help take the stress out of family vacation!

Say Yes to all the action

Someone needs to go to the store, set the table, run upstairs and grab the baby, play football with the kids, shovel the snow, go fetch the in-laws, walk the dog. You get the point. If it needs doing, do it. You’ll be a true superstar, and you’ll be snagging all the extra calorie burners!

Learn to say no. If that is not an option, then adopt some dietary sensitivities, if only for a little while. Too much dairy is bad for your stomach. This is absolutely true in regards to weight gain! So you can skip the second helping of gravy and request a small bit of mashed potato be set aside pre pound of butter addition. If offense is not easily taken, then learn to say no to whole meals. Think one a day. Choose a light breakfast, skip lunch and dive into dinner. Intermittent fasting will do your waist line inches of good over the vacation.

Take control where you can. Drink one less glass of wine. Order a salad and grilled fish at the restaurant. Serve yourself smaller portions. Add in all the extra movement you can. Find other health conscious family members to join you or at least support you. Don’t think about New Year’s resolutions. Short term is better now. Think only of today’s resolutions.

This year, vacation will be fulfilling, food will be delightful and your body will stay balanced. Enjoy the mantra and the pie!

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