‘Tis the Season Workouts

There is only one guaranteed way to survive the holidays without wanting to strangle Santa. Sweat and a lot of it!

Unless you happen to be made of Christmas cheer, no one ever felt riveting motivation while listening to Jingle Bells. Now is the time to make yourself the very best, Grinch soundtrack you can create. Think Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia, and leave Rudolph for the mall playlist. Pump powerhouse music into your ears and use the energy to fuel a killer workout.

Now crank up that internal body heat. Sweat sessions in the winter are much more rewarding. They warm up that chill deep in your bones and let you truly appreciate the cold as you walk out and feel the instant rush of cooling temps.

To avoid stir crazy cabin fever on those days when weather doesn’t permit a trip to the gym, use all the resources of the great world wide web! There are literally thousands of apps, videos, articles and pictures offering you in-home sweat sessions that would make your trainer cry. If you don’t have a trainer, the holiday season may be a great time to get on online trainer. A little extra push never hurt anyone!

A regular exercise routine will give you some headspace. It may get you out of the house for a bit, and the change of scenery can be extremely cathartic. Or you may be working out at home to hide from the commercial buzz of the season. Either way, it will be time that is solely dedicated to yourself, and this is the time of year when that is desperately needed.

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Getting purely scientific, exercise is like taking a big dose of Zanex.  It naturally lowers stress levels, anxiety, depression and helps you sleep better. When your body enters into aerobic exercise, it stimulates neural growth and releases endorphins, those chemicals that tell us we’re calm and happy. If you force yourself to be present during your workouts and really focus on the sensations of the body, you can actually pause your chain of thoughts, in essence meditating. There really is no better way to clear your mind!

Finally, the holiday season offers the very best rewards! Set yourself goals, both short and long term. If you reach your goal for the week, reward yourself with a mint mocha latte or that new Transporter Tote you saw online. If you reach your goal for the month, give yourself that ultimate Christmas gift you’ve been eyeing or let yourself truly indulge in Christmas dinner. Whatever your motivation, set up a system of action and reward to keep you focused all season long.

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