Bringing Meal Prep to Your Holidays

If meal prepping has never been your fancy, now is the best and most important time to get it started. First buy yourself an early Christmas gift and get either the Transporter Tote, the Shield or the Box as they are all great for the beginner meal prepper. The Transporter Tote will give you space for the healthy food you need and a large compartment for all the holiday shopping as well, while the Shield and the Box will pack enough nutrition to get you through the extra requirements of the season.

So why start a healthy eating regime during the most stressful time of year?  To make your life easier! It really will. First, you will save a considerable amount of time during your week which will quickly fill up with seasonal activities and obligations. This is the best time of year to consolidate as many of your daily tasks as possible. Getting a week’s worth of meals together on Sunday will give you at least two extra hours a day.

The quality nutrition you pack into your food will provide you with the extra energy to get things done and give you a balanced vitamin and mineral content to help you stay healthy and flu free during a cold and busy December. It also prevents you from skipping meals when you get too busy to cook or worse grabbing junk food in the rush from one task to another.

Meal prepping through the holidays can give you more control with a hectic schedule helping to lower your stress about holiday flavors and weight gain! When the office is filled with cookies, pies, treats and meats, it can be a challenge to stick with the salad you picked up at the corner market. Be sure to prep yourself foods that rival the calorie laden snack table. Think about hearty curried lentils, pesto spaghetti squash with roasted Portobello mushrooms, smoky grilled veggies on dense seed bread dipped in a balsamic reduction glaze, a bowl of spicy chili and cornbread. You get the idea! You can even whip up an avocado chocolate mousse to add to the pile of desserts.

Finally, if you can master meal prep during the holidays, it will feel like a breeze when life calms back down and create a habit that will serve your time, health and energy all year long. There is no reason to let all the effort you’ve put into the last eleven months of sculpting a strong and lean body go to ruin over something as menial as pecan pie and turkey dinners. Think of this as an insurance policy on your gym membership. If you don’t lose your rhythm now, you’re sure to stick with it well into the new year!

For a taste of the season, try these easy pickled beets, layered with goat cheese, walnuts, honey and arugula. Cranberry sauce will have no appeal!


Boil the beets until they are soft to pierce with a fork. Peel them and slice in rounds.

boil beets

Mix all ingredients well in a large mason jar, then fill with the slices of beets.

Leave for 4 – 6 hours, best overnight. Stack them with goat cheese, toasted walnut crumbles, honey and arugula for a treat that is easy and delicious!

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