All I want for Christmas is My Muscle Tone

Christmas is a time for giving, and that includes giving to yourself! How are you supposed to continue supporting and caring for others if your health isn’t a priority? From body builders to parents of toddlers, muscle tone is vitally important for your day to day. It doesn’t just make you the envy of all your neighbors; it also gives you the capacity to bend, lift, play and build the life you have always wanted.

All I want for Christmas is My Muscle Tone

If you’re already a professional body builder, there is very little that we can add to your training knowledge, but if you’re just starting to bulk up or haven’t even begun, there are few key points and strategies that can help you along the way.

First, gear up! That’s right. Put your money where your muscle is… or will be. Studies have shown that when we invest financially, we are more likely to follow our money with time and effort. Add to this little nugget that it is Christmas time, and you have a double whammy for getting what you need to succeed. This means proper attire, a killer gym membership, maybe even a splurge on a trainer and motivation pieces to keep your head in the game. Nothing is as defeating as forgetting your gym clothes, tennis shoes or pre-workout fuel. Be sure to get a gym bag that fits your life, like The Envoy Duffel. This bad boy will have you prepared for work and workout with all the meals in between!

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If you keep work and life separate, then try out The Sport Duffel. This will keep your food and workouts on track without introduction to the workplace.

Let’s talk about food. The key to a sculpted physique isn’t bigger muscles but less fat. You can be the strongest person in the world, but if you have a layer of fat over those muscles, no one will see them!  This means eating lean. That can be difficult if you’re relying on cafeterias, restaurants, take-out and on the go meals. The two gym bags above include space and containers for lunch and a snack, but if your life has you out of your house more than in it, you will need a bit more control over your food management. To truly build that muscle tone, it’s time to incorporate meal prep into your routine. This means getting the right balance of protein and carbs into your body to have it at peak performance without burdening the metabolism. Check out the Shield LG or the Box LG to have your days adequately fueled and on track for rippling muscles not fat.

Finally, get rid of temptations. Go through the pantry, the fridge, the freezer, cabinets and shelves and ditch all the foods that are your midnight munchy go-to. Eating healthy is not rocket science. Lean, all-natural, low preservative, no artificial, easy on the gluten, and ditching the white and you’re pretty good. We all have bodily nuances that corner us with dietary restrictions, but over all we can eat vegetables as our primary, followed by high quality grains and limited fruit, due to sugar, with little to no diary and a smattering of lean, grass-fed meats for the carnivore.

Having that figure you’ve always dreamed of may not be easy, but it is not impossible. You simply have to take the first step, build a foundation and then cultivate a lifestyle to support you.

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