LA County Alliance Boys & Girls Clubs – Fitmark Helps our Youths

For the past several years, the Alliance has been fortunate to have a relationship with Fitmark. This relationship has been elevated by Jim Holzkamm, President/COO of Fitmark.

The company has made its biggest contribution yet, by providing 1200 Fitmarkbackpacks/duffle bags (retail value $100) for our November 3, 2018, Teen Summit!

Fitmark is the definitive brand for stylish, high-powered sports backpacks for both men and women.

We decided to ask Jim a few questions about Fitmark and their commitment to the cause.

Alliance – Fitmark has supported the Alliance endeavors in the past and for some of our Clubs. This year, Fitmark has generously donated 1200 backpacks and duffle bags for Teen Summit. Please share with us why Fitmark supports the Alliance Boys & Girls Clubs Teen Summit and how it also supports communities?

Jim Holzkamm

Jim Holzkamm

JIM – We believe the Alliance for Boys & Girls Clubs truly makes a positive impact in young peoples lives. The Teen Summit event is an opportunity and honor for us to encourage and support all the youth’s involved. Our backpack and duffel donation will be useful for them now, and for years to come as they proceed forward in their study and career endeavors. We appreciate having a small part in helping them succeed.

Alliance – How does Fitmark recruit future employees and what would you like to share about the Fitmark culture and philosophy?

JIM – Our philosophy is simple – if you can believe it, you can achieve it. We know that it takes supreme effort, hard work, sweat, to reach the highest goals. I shipped the first Fitmark bags from my garage in June 2012, I know about hard work : ) There are no free rides. The most important aspect of our company culture is we care about other’s achieving their goals and inspirations. While personal goals are an individual effort, we recognize the support of family, friends, and community are the bedrock and foundation which ultimately enriches and rewards our life endeavors.

Alliance – How is Fitmark unique among its competitors?

JIM – Good question! What is unique about Fitmark is we sincerely appreciate the efforts of our affiliates, ambassadors, athletes, friends, family, suppliers, and vendors that have contributed towards our success over the years. We stay true to our roots and craft the finest meal prep and sports fitness bags that support our customers healthy lifestyle activities.

We wish to thank Jim and all the Team at Fitmark for their continued support of the Los Angeles County Alliance for Boys & Girls Clubs.

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