We Caught up with Fitmark Ambassador Michael Wittig

We caught up with Fitmark Ambassador Michael Wittig, ISSA CPT this Holiday Season and he has shared with us tactics and tips anyone can do for keeping your fitness goals on track for your busy travel times. Thank You, Michael!

Staying On Track During Holiday Travels

This is my favorite time of the year despite the cold. My family and I always travel to Kansas to visit my in-laws for Christmas. Our children love seeing their grandparents and getting extra presents as well. I’ve made this trip enough times that I’ve learned how to pack for the travel time and trip, in general, to stay on track nutrition wise. Being a personal trainer, natural pro champion, and sponsored athlete by profession eating clean is a lifestyle for me. Don’t get me wrong I am also an advocate for balance and have my weekly cheat meals and treats. I want to share some of my packing and planning tips with you that help me stay on track while traveling not just for the holiday’s, but any trip.

Traveling preparations

Pack bottled water: Bring water mainly for the drive. How many you pack depends on the size of your family or traveling partners, and how long you are traveling. It’s always better to have extra than not enough. Then when you get to your destination you can always drink tap or pick up a full case.

Pack at least one meal: Fast food and gas station food is really the worst for you. It’s always highly processed and full of fat and carbs. I personally save my cheat meal for the big family holiday dinner rather than McDonalds or even Subway. I always pack a lower carb meal in my Fitmark Shield LG when traveling. My meal will typically be 8oz of lean protein, vegetables, and berries. I lean towards options that will taste great cold in case I am not able to warm things up. Don’t forget to pack a fork and paper towel as well.

Pack a protein shake: I always pre-make and bring one quality whey protein shake for trips. Between the one meal and a shake, I am covered for around 6 hours of travel. The shaker cup, as well as two bottled waters all, go in my Fitmark Shield LG along with my meal. Since I tend to get sleepy while driving I also have a pre-workout drink early in the trip to help keep me alert.

The Stay

When we travel to visit the in-laws we are typically there for 2-3 days. While they are great people and my mother-in-law Pat is an awesome cook I never leave my nutrition completely out of my control and in the hands of others. So now that we arrived to our destination here are a few things I do for the actual visit.

Freeze Fitmark ice bags: Fitmark bags come with little ice bags to keep your food cold for many hours. Be sure to refreeze them so they will be ready for your trip home. Don’t forget and leave them there!

Pack supplements: There are several ways to do this depending if you are traveling by car or plane. When traveling by plane I measure out what supplements I will need just for the trip and bring only that. Small bottles of things like multivitamins I just bring. But instead of packing bigger tubs of protein I put serving size scoops into small zip lock bags. One serving per small bag then you don’t even need to bring a scooper. You may get searched, but I’ve never had my supplements confiscated. If I am traveling by car and have the room I just might bring all my supplements as is in a laundry basket. Since I always workout while visiting family I also bring my pre-workout, intra-workout, and everything else I would typically use at home.

Pack extra protein: If I am going to be gone multiple days I typically always pre-cook and pack 2-3 pounds of lean protein to bring with me on trips as back up. I always lean towards lean ground turkey patties or chicken. I put two 8oz portions in one Fitmark meal container. While I will eat some of my in-law’s meals I don’t want to be at the mercy of my environment. If I need to bring a lot of extra protein I might leave my shaker bottle out of my Fitmark bag while traveling. I typically only bring protein because finding carbs is almost too easy during the holidays and my in-laws always tend to have eggs and vegetables. If this is not the case for you just make plans to swing by the store and pick up a minimum of food.

Pack dry goods: It’s not a bad idea to bring some dry foods and snacks. My in-laws tend to have pastries for breakfast so I always bring oatmeal and cinnamon. I might sometimes bring beef jerky, low-fat popcorn, or even my low sodium spices.

Resistance bands: Regardless if I am driving or flying you won’t see me leave home without my resistance bands. Just in case I am not able to get to a gym I can always sneak in a quick workout anywhere. They pack up nice and compact for easy travel. I can literally do every exercise, and some creative ones I’ve come up with myself, not only to maintain my fitness but push it to the next level. Check out my minimal equipment, but maximum intensity home trainer “Dumbbell Devastator” for home/travel workouts ideas.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays with your family. Have that awesome Christmas dinner and some cookies. But balance it all out with healthy options during your travels and your stay by planning ahead. I don’t leave home without my Fitmark Shield LG meal management bag. My in-laws expect it!

Happy Holiday’s,
Michael Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro 3X Champ
All socials: WittigWorks

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