Tips to Make Meal Prep Easier

In order to meal prep, you need to plan. Some of us may not like it, but this involves time management. When you take the time to prep, you can avoid thoughts like “there’s nothing to eat, let’s just go get something at the drive-thru.” Once you go there, then things just start to unravel. Just a little bit of planning and prepping can keep you on track and away from fast food. Not only that, you will find yourself saving money by planning your meals and preparing your own foods for when you’re on-the-go.

For easy and quick meal prep, we suggest the following tips.

Make a list of all your favorite healthy foods and snacks. Then when you go to the grocery store, only buy the foods on your list instead of being tempted by other products. Basically, if it’s not on your list, you shouldn’t buy it – which means no junk food! This tip will help you avoid temptation and have willpower to avoid buying foods that are not on your list. This is a great way to start your meal prepping for the week.

Choose simple recipes that you can make in bulk and that can be packed into containers for quick meals at home or on-the-go. It is important to decide what you will eat for every snack and meal. It does take organization and a good system to get used to this approach. When you find what works, save your meal prep menus so you can rotate meals to keep things easy, interesting and fast. The more you prep, the more creative you can also get with your meals.

Prepare and cook all your food at once. It’s simpler and you will save time when you plan for your meals together. You can bake chicken and roast a variety of vegetables at the same time (and its more energy efficient). For snacks, prep them all at once by chopping vegetables or hard-boiling eggs.

To manage your meal prep, use Fitmark bags to help keep you organized, motivated and on track.

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