Making Time for Fitness in Your Busy Day

With busy schedules, work deadlines, family commitments, social obligations and our day-to-day duties, how can we make time for fitness? It’s easy to be motivated, but how do we find the time?

The answer is – you just need to do it.

Fitness is important for our mental and physical health. To prioritize fitness into your busy day, you need to plan for it. There are certain things you can do to free up time to incorporate physical activity during your day. Think about limiting your screen time or television binge watching. Instead, hit the gym, do yoga, go outside for a hike or run.

Try creating a recurring exercise appointment in your calendar. Sometimes, it is easier to incorporate fitness into your routine when you schedule a consistent time in your schedule to keep you accountable to your fitness goals. Once you make fitness a routine, you are more likely to stick to your schedule. The trick is, you must keep the appointment just like any other work appointment. Don’t cancel or reschedule!

Decide whether you like mornings, lunch time or evenings for your workouts. It’s true we all love our beauty sleep, but if you wake up a little earlier, you can take advantage of starting off your morning with physical activity which can make your day more productive. When you use one of our Fitmark bags, you can go from home to the gym then to work with everything in your Fitmark bag. Just having the right gear can help with organizing your time to make fitness fit into your schedule.

You can work out without going to the gym. Mix it up while you are at home or on your lunch break. You can stream work out videos that don’t require equipment. Take a brisk walk or hike when possible. Take the stairs at your office building or do a body weight work out. Be creative with your fitness routines.

Make your fitness experience a reward by working out with a friend or listening to your favorite podcast. Motivate yourself with workout clothes and gear that allow you to be on the go. Fitmark makes this possible with its gear – try the Transporter Tote or the Sport Duffel to make travel to the gym easy and organized. Not only do Fitmark bags have plenty of room for your gym gear, a big plus is that there are side pockets for shoes and your dirty gym clothes. There are color options as well as different sizing options for your needs.

So, find something you love and stick with it. Make time for yourself and for the things that are important to you. Make sure to bring a Fitmark bag along for the ride.

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