On the Go? Keep These Protein Snacks Ready!

On the Go? Keep These Protein Snacks Ready!

The key to winning the day nutrition wise is to always be prepared for any situation you may find yourself. Fitmark ‘meal management’ bags help us control our ever changing environment. Plan ahead for any potential schedule change or road block to keeping your nutrition on track, then pack your Fitmark bag accordingly.

One question I get asked often is regarding suitable snacks. I typically keep my snacks protein based for several reasons. I have particular macros that I aim to hit daily (higher protein, low fat, moderate carbs) and protein based snacks help me keep my daily protein higher while keeping fat low and not raising my carbs too high. Protein based snacks will keep you feeling fuller for longer helping you from over eating the wrong things. I aim to bring in around 20-25 grams of protein per snack. Here are five of my ‘go-to’ protein based snacks:

1. Beef jerky: Find a kind that has more protein than sugar/carbs. Not all beef jerky is equal.

2. Turkey Roll Ups: Use 3 slices of low fat deli turkey and one slice of low-fat cheese and roll it up. I will typically make two of these at a time.

3. Greek yogurt parfait: Use 1 cup of non-fat greek yogurt. Add your own layers of mixed berries and granola.

4. Almonds: Watch the serving size and keep it no more than ~22 almonds. This is a great snack, but is also high in fat even though it’s the good kind.

5. Protein shake: Look for a high quality whey isolate that is low in fat and carbs. I would suggest a kind with no artificial colors or flavors. These are great to have on hand for any tight situation when you cannot get to food or don’t have time to eat.

Having a few of these snacks always on hand in your Fitmark bag will prevent long hours or surprise meetings from disrupting your nutrition and goals.



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