Meeting the Fitmark Family

Michael Wittig relates his trip experience and meeting with a few of us at the Europa Games in Phoenix, AZ a few weeks ago…

I started using Fitmark bags myself a few years ago, but I didn’t officially connect with the company until earlier this year. It’s been an honor to be the first Fitmark Athlete as of April 2019. When I partner with a company it’s always because their products bring true value to my life and therefore to the lives of my family, friends, and clients. It’s also important to me to build relationships and work with ‘good’ people. Up until recently I’ve only communicated with Fitmark over the phone, text, and email. They are based in California and I am out in Oklahoma. This last August 10th and 11th, I finally had the
opportunity to meet the CEO and some of his key employees at the Europa Games Expo in Phoenix, AZ. It was a quick, whirlwind trip, but one I greatly enjoyed.

My Saturday, August 10th started at a very early 3:45am. My flight wasn’t until 7:00am, but I had to make sure I had time to eat a proper breakfast before leaving the house. I was excited to use my Fitmark ‘Cruiser‘ for the first time. The Cruiser is a smaller piece of luggage that not only holds clothes and such, but also several meals while keeping them cold. My flights all went smooth and I landed in Phoenix mid-morning around 10am. Smooth nowadays just means no flights got cancelled or delayed. Before grabbing an Uber over to the convention center I found a seat, pulled out my lunch from my ‘Cruiser’ suitcase, and fueled up. My food was still nice and cold after 5hrs in the cargo bay of the airplane. Upon arrival at the Europa Games Expo I finally got to meet Jim the CEO of Fitmark. He was as friendly in person as he has been on the phone. Jim had a very nice, one-of-a-kind, ‘Fitmark’ tank top made especially for me to wear at this event which I was proud to wear.

After meeting Jim’s wife and a few other key employees the rest of the day was spent at the Fitmark booth meeting people from all walks of life who already used Fitmark ‘meal management’ bags or needed something like this in their life. A good handful of people stopped by just to say hi and meet me. I want to give a special thanks to all those people. You know who you are. It was great to meet every one of you in person.

I even had the opportunity to workout with one of them later in the evening. After the Expo wrapped up for the day around 6pm it was time for me to check into the hotel and grab some dinner with the Fitmark crew. I typically don’t workout in the evening or right after dinner, but this was a special occasion. My friend Albert made arrangements to get us into a gym called the Muscle Factory. This had to be a little after 8pm Arizona time, which would have been 10pm my time zone, and remember I got up at 3:45am. Somehow I found the energy to have a highly intense Shoulder and Triceps workout. Albert and I went until our arms fell off. It was a really killer workout. I am wishing Albert the best as he prepares for his first fitness competition this fall.

Day 2 in Phoenix started off amazing at a restaurant called ‘The Breakfast Club’ in downtown Phoenix. It all looked so good I ordered two full meals, a breakfast burrito plate and french toast. This definitely ranked in my top 5 breakfasts of all-time. So it didn’t really matter what happened from here because it was already a GOOD day.

Then it was back to the Europa Expo to meet more great people. Come 1:30pm I had to get an Uber back to the airport and start the long trip home. The cool thing was my longer flight home had individual TV’s on the back of every chair playing a wide selection of new movies. I was tempted to watch Avengers End Game again, but knew I couldn’t finish it because of its length, so I chose Alita Battle Angel which ended up being a good choice. I walked in my door a little after mid-night, unpacked, and was in bed by 1am. My trip was less than 48 hours in all, but filled with so many great memories.

I want to thank my family for allowing me to go (I missed you all), all those individuals I had the opportunity to meet at Europa, Albert for the quality workout, and especially my Fitmark family Jim, his wife Fawna, Tawni, and Tiffany. It was so great to meet all of you. I am honored to be on the Fitmark team.

So when is the next expo??

Michael Wittig
IPE Natural Pro 3x Champ
All socials: WittigWorks

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