Adam Bisek
Fitmark Ambassador 2014

Adam Bisek

My name is Adam Bisek. Currently I run my own business BeSIckFitness L.L.C. where I do a significant amount (90%) of my training as 1 on 1 personal training. I am an independent contractor and train most of my clients in Eden Prairie, MN at a gym called Vault Fitness. I also have started online coaching, hence most of my business being 1 on 1, which I plan to transition more to as the year progresses. I absolutely love learning about health and fitness, which as led to the alphabet behind my name, haha:). Furthermore, I learn best, and take a great deal of gratification in educating others on how to better their lives through exercise and proper nutrition. My job is my passion, and I live and breath it. I am currently an active athlete prepping for a bodybuilding competition in Oct. I previous have competed as a Men's Physique athlete and did well, but wanted to take on the challenge of displaying a well rounded, whole physique. Consistently improving and progressing through learning and doing is such an amazing process. Being connected with different companies throughout the industry, whether it be as a sponsored athlete or content producer, gives me a great venue to do what I love. I am very confident in my practice, my experience, and my knowledge when it comes to health and fitness, and thus want to help others to learn, grow, and benefit from that.

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