Alexa Barbee
Fitmark Ambassador 2014

Alexa Barbee

Alexa Barbee is a 21-year-old college student trying not only to beat that Freshman 15, but to be an athlete! Her one true love is lifting heavy weights. Formerly a kinesiology major, she is now studying nutrition/dietetics (and actually enjoying school!), while working a full time job as well. She hopes to become a dietitian one day and open up her own nutrition consulting business. Alexa was also diagnosed with an auto-immune disease as a freshman, but through proper nutrition, supplementation, and exercise, she has learned to keep her symptoms under control. From this stemmed her passion for nutrition and fitness, and she tries to live out this passion every single day by staying healthy and helping others get healthy! Future goals: graduate with a Masters in nutrition, compete in a fitness competition, and help as many people as possible to be the best they can be!

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